Dragon Drop

Dragon Drop is a platforming game that allows the player to drag and drop(see what we did there?) platforms and other objects into the level in order to guide their character to the goal. In Dragon Drop the player decides how they want to complete the level. They can opt to try and gather all of the collectables or head straight to the end. The depth of the game and challenge is put in the hands of the player.

Dragon Drop's levels are quick, fun and challenging. Map fragments can be collected in each level to unlock new levels on the world map. This allows the player to potentially skip some levels if they were diligent enough to collect many map fragments. There will be three worlds and a total of 20-25 levels. Each world will introduce new objects that will add new mechanics to gameplay. Some of these items include standard platforms, trampolines large stones and many more.

The platform floats in the air where it is placed and allows the player to reach new areas..


The trampoline allows the player to bounce off of it and reach high areas.


The stone crashes to the ground and can be used to dispatch enemies and press switches.


A few of the other objects that will be implemented include dynamite to open new paths, a candle to light dark areas, an umbrella to float with, a bubble to use underwater and spring boots to jump higher.


Our hero (his name is chosen by the player) is a knight in the kingdom of Stickland. He dreams of dating Princess Linia, the Princess of Stickland.



One day he arrives to bring her flowers and ask her on a hot date. She refuses, pointing him to look out a window.


Out the window and in the castle courtyard the evil Dragon Feytch is gobbling up the good stick-citizens of Stickland.


It is up to him to save the land and win the heart of Princess Linia.


But he cannot set out on such a perilous adventure alone! The hero meets up with the Stick Sorceress Segmentia who offers her assistance.


She has the ability to communicate with a greater being (the player) to drag objects into the world to help him through his journey.